Iphone 15: release date, price, design, specs, everything you need to know

Iphone 15: release date, price, design, specs, everything you need to know

Apple has finally unveiled its new range of smartphones, the renowned iPhone 15, during its keynote. With a rather classic aesthetic and promising technologies, we reveal everything you need to know about Apple’s new flagship devices.


The big day has arrived. On this Tuesday, September 12th, Apple revealed its new lineup of smartphones during its traditional back-to-school keynote, currently taking place at Apple Park. This highly anticipated batch comes with numerous innovations, such as the adoption of USB-C, the Action button, and even a periscope module. In this live-updated feature, we provide you with a detailed overview of all the characteristics of Apple’s flagship products.

📱 How many iPhone 15 variants?

For once, Apple is launching four distinct models this year. While the arrival of the Ultra name was rumoured, Apple has finally changed its mind. Its top-of-the-range model will indeed be called Pro Max. To sum up :

iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max

🗓️ When will the iPhone 15 be released?

The new iPhones will be launched on September 22, with pre-orders starting on the 15th. While there were fears that the iPhone 15 Pro Max would be delayed, Apple confirmed that there was no cause for concern. Once again, specialist Ming-Chi Kuo was right.

It’s worth remembering that this year, Apple got a head start by starting production of its OLED screens earlier than usual, precisely to avoid another shortage. Mass production of the screens began in June.

💶 What are the iPhone 15 prices?

Here are the starting prices for the manufacturer’s new smartphones. While many analysts were anticipating a price increase, this is not the case for the basic models. On the other hand, prices have risen for the most expensive models, as analysts had predicted.

The starting prices for the full lineup are as follows:

iPhone 15 Pro

128GB: $999
256GB: $1,099
512GB: $1,299
1TB: $1,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max

256GB: $1,199
512GB: $1,399
1TB: $1,599
iPhone 15

128GB: $799
256GB: $899
512GB: $1,099
iPhone 15 Plus

128GB: $899
256GB: $999
512GB: $1,199

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, TSMC is to blame for this increase. As a reminder, the Taiwanese company produces the 3-nanometer (nm) A17 Bionic chip for Apple, but doesn’t charge Apple for each defective chip. A good point at first glance. However, the youthfulness of this process would lead to the production of many defective chips, the price of which would be passed on to the price of all the chips produced.

📺 Which screen for the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15s feature a Super Retina XDR OLED display and ProMotion technology. They can deliver up to 2000 nits in HDR mode. The slab of the iPhone 15 measures 6.1 inches, while that of the iPhone 15 Plus measures 6.7 inches. The same goes for the Pro and Pro Max versions, which have the same dimensions respectively. As expected, the base models also benefit from Dynamic Island.

👀 What design for the iPhone 15?

There’s no revolution in the design of the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, which follow the same curves as their big brothers, but with a Dynamic Island twist. The big innovation of the range, however, is that the Pro versions feature titanium, a first for an Apple smartphone.

The manufacturer describes it as “one of the metals with the best strength-to-weight ratio”, underlining that Pro models have never before been so light. The company goes on to praise the new brushed texture of its new smartphones, with contoured edges and a slim contour like never before.

🔋 How long will the iPhone 15 last?

During the keynote, Apple assured us that the batteries of the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus have a greater capacity, which would be synonymous with increased autonomy. What remains to be seen, however, are the precise characteristics and actual endurance of these batteries, as Apple is keeping a tight lid on the subject for the time being.

Apple is said to be banking on “stacked battery” technology, modelled on electric cars. This would boost energy density by 10%. By doing so, Apple could increase battery capacity without making them bulkier. According to recent rumors, here’s what you can expect:

iPhone 15: 3877 mAh (vs. 3279 mAh for iPhone 14)
iPhone 15 Plus: 4912 mAh (vs. 4325 mAh for the previous generation)
iPhone 15 Pro: 3650 mAh (compared with 3200 mAh for the previous model)
iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4852 mAh (vs. 4323 mAh for iPhone 14 Pro Max)

👉 The iPhone 15 introduces USB-C, it's official!

The EU has now set its deadline for the switch to USB-C: December 28, 2024. This means that Apple is not obliged to integrate a USB-C port on its new iterations. And Apple did indeed want to get ahead of the game, as predicted by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. As a result, the iPhone 15s are the first smartphones from the manufacturer to benefit from the emblematic universal port.

It now remains to be seen whether there will be any restrictions. According to Kuo, the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will be limited to Lightning/USB 2.0 speeds. Faster transfer speeds will be reserved for Pro models adopting the USB 3.2 standard.

There were also whispers that users wishing to take advantage of fast charging would be obliged to buy an MFi (made for iOS) certified cable. The EU was quick to react to this rumor, reminding Apple that the use of a priority cable is forbidden, as it would run counter to the planned standardization.

However, Apple is under no obligation to do so until the end of 2024. The Cupertino-based company is therefore free to adopt the flanged USB-C port for its iPhone 15s, if it so wishes.

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