iOS 16 Updates: the best Apple Lock Screen ever.

iOS 16 brings a new interface for the lock screen, one of the most used places, no doubt. You can change the font, its color and the time can appear behind a face set in the background, like the Portraits dial on the Apple Watch. Simplified widgets can also be displayed from the lock screen.

A customizable lock screen with widgets

apple new lockscreen ios16

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 started today at Apple Park. The first new feature unveiled by Apple is the new iOS 16 Lock Screen, which has been completely renewed. Widgets, customization, multiple “faces” are some of the new features of Lock Screen. From the photos, it looks fantastic. Apple today announced the new iOS 16 novelty. The first new feature presented is the total renovation of the Lock Screen. For those who have an Apple Watch, allows the Cupertino giant to easily adapt the “faces” functionality to iOS. With iOS 16, users can place and adapt the image they want on the lock screen and include the widgets they want.

In addition, they can easily change their “face” whenever they want. As usual, the user can access information without having to unlock the device. There is also a new wallpaper feature that allows you to choose from a variety of categories, including dynamic wallpapers that change based on the time or even the weather.
Also the Renewed notifications, will now be displayed at the bottom of the lock screen.

apple new lock screen

You can, if you wish, edit the date and time, notably by changing the characters or colors. Also, thanks to the Multilayer effect, this information will appear behind the subject of your photo to give an in-depth result. To our pleasure, widgets can be integrated into the locked screen, allowing you to follow sports results, the weather or enjoy your photos.

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