Honey: The Coupon Search Extension

Honey, what is it?

honey coupon tool review

Its utility

More than a site, Honey also has an extension to install on your browser. It automatically searches for coupons and price discounts. Then it automatically applies them to your favorite online shopping sites so you can benefit from them quickly and easily. This extension is available on almost all online browsers on the market such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera. Of course, we can understand that you may be doubtful about how this tool works, especially since it is free. In this analysis of the extension, we have taken an in-depth look at how it works, to find out if it really saves you money.

How does Honey work?

Honey works by looking at the items in your cart on most popular shopping websites and then searching for relevant coupon codes. If it finds any working codes, it enters them automatically, and you end up saving money without the hard work of searching for and entering them manually.

honey coupon savings

Its installation

Honey is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Once you add it to your browser, the application automatically synchronizes with the e-commerce sites you are visiting. It will automatically search for coupons to the products you want to buy, so you have very little manipulation to do. The installation of the application is easy. Just go to your browser and look for the Honey extension in the store, then install it. If it’s not there, you’ll have to connect to the Honey website and go to the download page. The site will install the corresponding version for your computer and browser automatically. Once the extension is installed, you will be asked to create an account. For a better suggestion of the coupons, you can link the application to your Google or Facebook account. You will also have the option to sign up with any email address. To make sure that the extension has been installed, look for the stylized lowercase H on an orange background in the extension bar.

How to use it?

honey coupon search free extension

To explain in detail the use of Honey, we will describe here how it worked for the Amazon site. So, when you load a page about several products, you will see icons represented by the letter H. The first icon offers information about the detailed price history of the product, but also about recent price changes that may have occurred for the product. By clicking on it, a new tab will open to show you 120 days of price history. To the right of this icon, another one is present and allows you to add this product directly to your Honey cart. This allows you to have access to different tools such as alerts that will warn you when the price of the item you want to buy decreases. It is also thanks to this cart that the extension will know for which product it should look for discount codes. When you check out, the extension’s icon on your browser bar will turn yellow. You’ll just have to open it and you’ll know if you have a high or low chance of finding a coupon for your product. The extension will automatically try to apply the different coupons it finds to check if they are still valid, and which one is the best, to save you money. If it doesn’t find one (yes, it can), it will only tell you that you are already a recipient of the best offer for the product.


  • Free ;
  • easy to install and to use;
  • compatible with several e-commerce sites;
  • allows real savings.


  • Coupons not always available ;
  • Discounts often already expired;
  • software bugs.

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