Bomb Crypto: Full tutorial to make money

BOMB crypto is the world’s first self-destructing virtual crypto token. Players choose a hero to join a bombing battle with a large number of other players.

To engage in battle mode, participants across the world must pay a certain amount of crypto tokens. The final winner receives the full amount of the loser’s crypto token.

When playing in combat mode, Bomber Hero will lose a certain amount of energy. You can also find the details of Simulator Bomb Crypto in the guide below.

What Is The Bomb Crypto Token?

BOMB is described as the world’s first self-destructive virtual currency. It is a financial case study and social experiment to determine whether or not a deflationary currency is feasible.

It is intended to be used as a long-term hedging and decentralized asset management tool against standard inflationary instruments instead of daily transactions.

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How to start playing?

As we have said, playing Bomb Crypto is about investing. let’s explain briefly this investment.

First, you must purchase an NFT (a character in the game) to begin playing. This NFT character can have different degrees of rarity. And, as we have seen, in the case of a single real currency, the rarer the NFT, the more expensive it tends to be.

There are, however, varying degrees of a rarity among the Bomb Crypto characters and each will bring you different returns. See, now, what your chances are of finding a powerful hero right away

This website explains exactly the chances of getting a strong character.

Each hero will have certain game power. Once the game starts, your hero will have to destroy chests containing precisely the game token, the BCOIN.

BCOIN price and value

Market capitalisation: $2,000,848,731,458
Supply exchange: $500
Total Supply: $1,000,000
Maximum Supply: $1,000,000
Outstanding supply: not provided
Trading Volume: $4,193,224

The founder of BCOIN

Charlie Shrem is the founder of BCOIN. He is an American entrepreneur, co-founding the start-up BitInstant, and is now the founding member of BITCOIN. Shrem has described himself as a bitcoin purist, and he believes bitcoin is a technology that helps the world, allowing citizens to protect their money.

He founded it in 2012, with the intention of promoting bitcoin. The co-founder of the company said that the initial bitcoin offerings mean crowdfunding, and they say it is time for things to cool down significantly.

Initial investment

It is recommended at least the purchase of 10 NFT. That is 100 BCOIN. But why is it possible to play as a single hero? This is due to the speed at which this hero will return the investment you have made. The closer the common is, the longer it will take for your investment to be returned and therefore the longer it will take for you to recoup your investment.

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