Apple AirTags review: locate your lost objects

AirTag work in a similar way to Tile’s trackers. You simply attach a tag to your keys, bag, or toy, or slip them into your wallet or passport.

Apple Airtag uses the U1 chip that debuted in the iPhone 11. This takes advantage of the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) which is known to offer increased accuracy in locating other objects. Apple uses a feature called Precise Location that leverages data from the camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope and incorporates visual, haptic, and audio feedback during the search.

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How does an AirTag work?

AirTags attach to an iPhone in the same way as AirPods. Once this is done, they appear in the new items tab of the “Locate” app. You also have the option of naming them according to the app’s suggestions or as you wish. From here, you can see the last known location of the object you have attached your AirTag to.

If the object is within range, you can use the “Locate” app to signal AirTag’s built-in speaker to make a sound. If not, you can set your AirTag to Lost mode and receive a notification when it is in the range of the “Locate” network. If another person finds your AirTag, they can use an iPhone or NFC-enabled device to display your contact number, if you have specified it.

Are AirTags really useful?

AirTags are necessary if you have trouble keeping track of your valuables. But if you are already well organized and don’t lose things often, the AirTag is simply a tool to take out in case of extreme emergency. AirTags are very affordable and still very versatile.

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Airtag Accessories

AirTags are small and discreet, so using them with an accessory is easier.
At its core, each AirTag is a small disc, made of polished, precision-engraved steel, that has no latches or other features. It is designed to be water and dust-resistant. Although it has built-in speakers to help locate any attached object, the device itself should be purchased with at least one accessory to allow it to be placed in an object that does not already have a pocket or case.

Spigen Tag Armor Duo AirPods Case

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Case-Mate Dog Collar Case Holder for AirTag

Case-Mate Dog Collar Case

Belkin AirTag Case with Strap

Belkin AirTag Case with Strap

How to choose the right AirTag accessory?

Apple AirTag is easy to use, so choosing the right accessory for you comes down to what you want to achieve with it.
Answer these questions to determine which type of AirTag is right for you:

  • Where will I place my AirTag and why? Will it be attached to a bunch of keys that tend to get misplaced a lot? Or will you attach it to your child’s backpack to keep an eye on them? A simple keyring might do the trick, but perhaps you need something more durable, like a leather loop, or something specific, like a dog collar.

  • What is your budget? Most AirTag accessories are extremely affordable, without compromising on durability. But you may want something a little more elegant or something that fits in with your everyday style. You can spend a little more to get the look you want.

  • In the end, will I really use it? If you’re a fairly organized person and have no problem keeping track of your valuables, an AirTag might just be an unnecessary expense.


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