10 Awesome dog Tech Accessories and Gadgets

Do you want to give your pet something special? Then you’ll want to check out the list of the 10 awesome dog tech accessories and gadgets 2022. From smart litter boxes to treat dispensers, you’ll find the perfect gift for your best friend here.

The Tractive GPS dog collar device offers tracking in 150 countries, it connects after you get the app ( IOS or Android), and also any web browser

Waterproof and lightweight for dogs who like to get in the water, This amazing device’s battery lasts three to five days and a monthly subscription is required.

AirTag gets to the case. Once this is done, it appears in the new items tab of the « Locate » app. You also have the option of naming it after your dog or as you wish. From here, you can see your dog’s exact location and much more.

A whole article about the Airtag Here.

This one, as a connected object, is already very popular! This treat launcher can be used with the Furbo app (available in iOS and Android). As well as being a toy, this device has a camera, which will allow you to monitor your dog’s activities while you are away at work.

There’s even a two-way microphone so he can hear your voice if he gets too lonely. Finally, you will receive a notification in case of barking, so that you can intervene if necessary: very practical.

This hands-free chew toy has two modes: autoplay and drive. It is recommended for medium- and large-breed dogs

In drive mode, you control this techy toy via the app for more interactivity.
In autoplay mode, the bone roams around at different speeds, responding to your dog’s touch.

The automatic ball launchers help keep your dog active. The big advantage is when the dog knows how to use it by itself. However, it is necessary to teach him not to be afraid of the noise, when he learns the mechanism. This step is not always easy. In addition, its concept will brighten up your dog’s afternoons.

Get the perfect shot without a struggle. Pooch Selfie has made it simple to get your pet engaged to look directly at the camera lens.

This amazing gadget makes you see the world from your dog’s point of view (POV).
It has two mounting locations back and chest which enables different perspectives. And it’s fully adjustable

This amazing robot will keep your pet’s hair out of the way. It connects to WIFI and has an app for remote vacuuming.
When you are not home the robot cleans the whole floor it’s guided by sensors that can take it underneath furniture, and it’s self-charging.

If you have a secure yard, this tool is useful. It lets your dog in and out using radio frequency technology.

Your dog wears a SmartKey on its collar and the door reads the SmartKey’s unique signal, triggering the battery power-driven flap to unlock.

This type of product is equipped with LEDs so that your dog can be seen from a distance at night (or at least in the dark). This can prevent accidents if you are walking with your dog on the side of a country road. Of course, the sizes are adjustable and you will even have several lighting modes: slow flashing, fast flashing, or fixed brightness.

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